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Different kinds of orchids

In the table below that we present the most common species of orchids are exposed. Remember that each gender, in turn, presents different varieties or hybrids so if you are looking for a variety may not be detailed in the reference photo. Anyway, if you know the gender of your orchid you can follow the link to access the information.

Some links are not available yet. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Different kinds of orchids:

Cattleya Cymbidium Dendrobium
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
Epidendrum Miltonia Oncidium
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
Paphiopedilum Phalaenopsis Vanda
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]
Cambria 1 Cambria 2 Cambria 3
[Picture] [Picture] [Picture]


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