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Orchids exist in our planet near 65 million years , evolving and adapting to different environments and circumstances. In some aspects, almost we might affirm that they are more evolved to survive tan human being. It is enough tos ay in the matter that they are capable of reproducing so much to sexual level(fertization for pollen of another plant (from the ground) across insects, as asexual, that is to say, generating children (keikis) that are identical copies to the parent plant.

Nevertheless, what more attracts us of the orchids is the beauty of their flowers. As the morphology of them has been conforming to attract to the insects that pollinate them, it is easy that any person gets caught by a few moments could not avoid contemplate the forms and colors that they offer us. But orchids offer us many more things: their smell, their company, their peace…

A place in our home with a group of these elegant plants has an irresistible magnetism. It is like if a part of their vital energy is projected towards the person who contemplates them, generating an agreeable sensation of tranquility and peace.
Orchids do not know the rush, they do not need it. Their development is slow and it has the advantage that we can enjoy the flowerings for several weeks or months.

The aim of this website is precisely to encourage and guide people, who so wish, in taking care of them and do enjoy them as hobby.

There has been prioritized the information of type practical and applied to the detriment of the most specialized.

I hope that the information is useful and that your orchids provide many satisfactions. We will have to accept some misadventure. It would not be a problem, because every problem is an opportunity to learn more of them

Thank you.

Sergi Banús Llort.

Tarragona (Catalunya-Spain)

Different kinds of orchids:


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